• Aimee Kamat

    Aimee Kamat earned her MD degree at the University of Sint Eustatius and completed her residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami School of Medicine, where she has held a faculty position as Assistant Professor in the School of Medicine since 2008. Being of Indian descent, Aimee has always had a passion for beauty. Aimee grew up making homemade beauty products like turmeric paste to lighten the skin, brightening masks made of egg yolk and honey, and hair masks made of coconut oil.

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  • Rachel Isaacson

    Rachel Isaacson is our in-house Esthetician. Duly licensed as an Esthetician and Cosmetologist in three states with over 16 years of experience, she is committed to enhancing natural beauty and delivering new, effective treatments to her clients. Her dedication shines through her continuous pursuit of knowledge, from attending industry events to solo backpacking worldwide for unique beauty insights. Rachel’s approach is to focus on her client’s “skin instant,” a personalized approach to analyzing their current skin needs.

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