Juliette Has A Gun

Discovery Kit (Ego Stratis)

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Discover Juliette Has A Gun's most coveted weapons of seduction. All of them, proudly made in France and designed to make you feel confident, sexy and proud of your feminity.

The set includes a deluxe format of Not a Perfume (5ml) and seven creator’s picks : Ego Stratis, Magnolia Bliss, Pear Inc., Musc Invisible, Vanilla Vibes, MMM, Lady Vengeance!

Suggested Usage:

-Perfume reacts naturally with the warmth of your body; apply to pulse points for a bold, longer-lasting intensity.

-Apply from a distance and allow the mist to gently fall on skin and work its magic.

-Avoid rubbing after application. Heat from friction alters the formulation, causing it to diminish its strength.

-It is best to replace your fragrance 12 months after opening in order to ensure that the original scent and intensity remains.