Aesop Travel Kit

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Aesop basic hair and body care products that help revive and refresh the fatigued traveler , providing gentle, aromatic cleansing and moisturizing.

For those who travel the world, there is no better balm for the soul and body than a well-formulated cleansing. Aesop Arrival Travel Kit offers four best-selling products to guarantee that your hair and body are well cared for, even while you live your life far away from home.

  • Shampoo 1.6 oz
    Aesop Shampoo cleanses and refreshes hair from scalp to ends in an experience that can only be described as pure luxury.
  • Classic Conditioner 1.7 oz
    Moisturizes, smoothes and softens hair of almost all types and textures, and is especially good for those with fine or fragile hair, or for those with color-treated hair.
  • Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser 1.7 oz
    This proven body cleanser gently removes dirt, eliminates odor and leaves skin beautifully scented and fresh.
  • Concentrated Bark Body Balm 1.6 oz
    This is the balm of choice for summer or any warm weather, and its refreshing citrus scent makes it a universal favorite.
At the end of the journey and beyond. Shampoo 50 ml and Conditioner Submerge in a revitalizing shower and cleanse hair and scalp. Then apply conditioner to leave hair moisturized, soft and shiny. Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser Remove dirt and fatigue with this invigorating and aromatic body cleanser. Concentrated Bark Body Balm After showering, massage generously from neck to feet to leave skin scented, soft and supple.