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Holi (Mane) Hair, Skin, Nails, Marine Collagen & Pearl Supplement

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Our bestselling, unrivaled daily supplement combining two powerhouse ingredients—marine collagen and pearl powder—to support flourishing hair, radiant skin, and resilient nails.

Developed in collaboration with leading functional medicine expert Dr. Will Cole, (holi) mane is unlike any other collagen supplement available in quality ingredients and synergistic formulation—combining four types of marine collagen with over 30 hair, skin, and nail-supporting trace minerals, amino acids, and nacre to both boost collagen and hydration production and promote the production of glutathione and superoxide dismutase, two antioxidants essential for vitality.

Size: 10.6 oz

(holi) mane is odorless and nearly tasteless, making it a simple addition to your current diet. Add a scoop to smoothies or whisk into juices, matcha, or coffee.