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The Clean Team Kit

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He’ll feel great and smell great with these three all-star cleansers. Award-winning Turbo Wash invigorates the body. All-Over Wash is gentle enough for body, hair, and face. And Black Reserve Body & Hair Cleanser delivers a rich, masculine scent. Definitely an all-star team–and an all-star gift!

The Gift Set Includes: 

  • Turbo Wash (3 oz) 
  • Black Reserve - Hydrating Body Lotion (3 oz) 
  • All-Over Wash (3 oz)

Turbo Wash® Energizing Cleanser for Hair & Body
Use prior to exercise in a warm shower to loosen muscles, open airways, and help awaken the senses. Use after exercise to deep clean, refresh, and soothe tired muscles. Use any time to invigorate, effectively cleanse, and jump-start the body.

All-Over Wash for Face, Hair & Body
Generously lather on body, hair and face; rinse. Use daily in the shower as an all-over facial cleanser, body wash, and conditioning hair shampoo.

Black Reserve™ Body & Hair Cleanser
Generously lather on body and hair. Use a netted sponge or washcloth for maximum lather. Rinse.

turbo wash® energizing cleanser for hair & body, 3.0 oz.
sulfate-free body and hair cleanser with cool, refreshing aroma washes away dirt and sweat without overdrying, leaving the entire body feeling revitalized for peak performance.

all-over wash for face, hair & body, 3.0 oz.
multipurpose, sulfate-free wash provides a rich lather to eliminate dirt and sweat without stripping skin and hair of essential moisture that keeps them looking healthy.

black reserve™ body & hair cleanser, 3.0 oz.
deeply masculine scents of cardamom and red cedarwood enhance this exceptional, sulfate-free cleansing experience for body and hair.