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Brush Maintenance

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A combination of all three Mason Pearson essentials!

The Mason Pearson Hairbrush Cleaner:

Hairbrushes should be dry cleaned every one to two weeks and thoroughly cleaned monthly, but until now there were limited options to thoroughly sanitize a hairbrush without the risk of damage to the renowned orange pad.

The Mason Pearson Hairbrush Cleaner can be used on any make or model of hairbrush and on combs.Size: 3.45 oz

Draw String Pouch (Blue Velvet)

Blue velvet, gold lined drawstring pouch - the perfect draw string pouch for your brushes.

Cleaning Brush

The Mason Pearson cleaning brush is designed to gently and effectively remove hair and debris from your chosen hairbrush. Our handy, medium & large models include a cleaning brush when purchased. Your Mason Pearson Cleaning brush is purchased with a 12-month limited warranty which excludes normal wear and tear and accidental damage.

  • To thoroughly cleanse your hairbrush, remove loose hairs with a comb, before spraying with the Cleaner.
  • Then scrub using a Mason Pearson Cleaning Brush or good quality toothbrush and leave to dry.