Jasmyn Elliott

In case you have yet to notice, new year's resolutions never work, despite being the best time of year to start fresh.

Why? Because it is an abstract concept with no real-world application. Simply writing something down or saying it aloud does not imply that you will do it. We're all used to making resolutions for ourselves every January, only to fall flat a few weeks later.

However, here we'll discuss some of the most common resolutions and advise you on how to stick to them practically.


Taking Skincare Seriously

Let’s be honest; having fresh anime skin is everyone’s top goal for 2023. But most lack this understanding that it’s more about consistent effort than having draws full of skincare products.

Investing early in your skin's health with regular skin care will not only protect it from the harsh effects of the environment but will also keep you looking and feeling your best all year and on.

Any skincare routine must include the fundamental three steps of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, but adding a serum will help you see results faster. In a nutshell, the serum works as a catalyst leading toward healthier skin.

VCE Brightening Serum is the best example because It immediately and gradually reveals glowing, visibly clearer, and firmer-looking skin.


Yoga and Meditation for Self-Acceptance

You may become irritated and want to give up as you deal with the daily stresses of life.

In general, meditation can be a very effective diversion from the negativity around you. Yoga also enables you to decompress and concentrate within. Start your yoga practice by paying attention to your body and being fully present. This will leads to self-acceptance and calm your nerves.

It might be a stretch to say that we should all strive for complete self-acceptance. I'll be honest—I don't believe that I can constantly love my body or the rest of me.

However, I believe that we can make an effort to firmly establish our roots in the experience of being, an experience that, being rooted in a physical form, need not be ideal, flawless, or attractive.


Trying to do Something You Enjoy Every Day. 

We've been cleaning out nearly every nook and cranny while also organizing our closets and detoxing our bodies to be happier, healthier, and more organized this year. But have you considered learning how to make time for the things you love to do? 

You must have pastimes like reading, sketching, painting, or Netflix watching that you forgo because of your backlog of unfinished work. So, here are some steps to make time for that hobby and satisfy your subconscious.

  • Monitor the time you spend.
  • Give each task a time limit.
  • Avoid distractions and unnecessary details.
  • Prioritize


Sticking To It

The best advice I received from millionaires, business leaders, managers, and regular people in 2022 can be summed up as follows: Be very specific about what you want out of life. 

We can't possibly plan everything, and I'm not saying your journey will go exactly as you have planned. No, it won't. However, creating the plan and using it as a compass to lead you to your reward at the conclusion is worthwhile. Just keep this in mind and start fresh again! 

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