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What is Sound Meditation?

The concept of this meditation  is that the sound will help anchor the mind in the present moment and allow you to let go of distractions. 

Sound Healing, also called Sound Bathing, brings you into a meditative state that can nurture inspiration by opening up to the many therapeutic tools of sound. It can be practiced as a community or by yourself in the comfort of your own home. 


Benefits of Sound Healing Meditation


Releases Stress

One of the major benefits that one feels from sound therapy is the ultimate relief of stress. The soothing sound helps re-tune your brain to cope with stress and replenishes your brain energy with high-frequency sound.

Promotes Focus

Sound therapy can also help regain focus in your life. The soothing sound lowers your brain wave frequency to help you focus more. This can help you cope with day-to-day activities and can even positively impact and improve your athletic performance.

Promotes Energy

When your body undergoes too much stress, it will feel drained and exhausted. Your body is interconnected and your brain will send signals when you need a break. A body that is under stress feels tired and weary and one of the organs that affects stress levels is our ears. Sound therapy feeds the brain with stimulating sounds that motivate the brain to release latent energy.

Helps You Think Clearly

By using specific frequencies to help rebalance your brain function, sound therapy can help you think more clearly and helps avoid the temptation to rely on self-destructive and addictive habits. A healthy mind promotes a healthy body, and you can break the cycle of negative thinking and practices and enjoy a much calmer and more focused life.


How to Start Meditating

When you start your meditation routine, do what works best for you. There are no special rules about what time you should do it at or the length that allows you to get the most out of meditation. Just find the schedule that works for you and increase it as time progresses. Many start with as little as ten minutes of meditation daily and see plenty of results.

Also, don’t get discouraged! The misconception is that those who meditate are constantly at peace and never get distracted during a session. This is not the case for the vast majority of people. It’s perfectly normal to drift off during meditation and begin thinking about stressful events. 

Be mindful of why you’re having these thoughts, and work on improving with every session. Everything takes time. Good luck and happy meditation!

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