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As a skincare specialist in Miami, I constantly hear the debate about dry vs. dehydrated skin. The biggest misconception I’ve heard about living in Miami is that our skin doesn't get dry or dehydrated due to the high humidity in Florida. I’m sorry to report that this is completely false information. I will tell you that humidity can actually be great for your skin - We need the humidity to moisture our sebum in order to achieve healthy skin. But unfortunately, most people spend their time indoors due to work and that calls for air conditioning, the worst for your skin! Air conditioning lowers the temperature of your surroundings and as a result, your sweat production reduces, causing toxins to remain within your skin. Your oil production also reduces which results in dull and dehydrated unhealthy skin. Now that this is clear, let’s dive into the difference between dry vs. dehydrated skin to gain a better understanding and figure out what suits you better for your skin type. I will also be talking about tips and tricks on how to keep your skin glowy and hydrated. Let’s get started, shall we?


What Is Dry Skin?

In a simple way, dry skin lacks oil. Dry skin isn't so much a condition rather a skin type. The texture of your skin determines if you have dry skin. Dry skin occurs between the layers of your skin and it causes dry, flaky skin to appear on the surface of your skin. It makes the skin appear bumpy, cracked, rough, and leathery to the touch. The skin lacks suppleness and elasticity and is easily prone to fine lines and wrinkles.


What Is Dehydrated Skin?

Dehydrated skin is a temporary skin condition and can be experienced by anyone at any time. Those with dry skin types might be more prone to it, but oily and combination skin types can also become dehydrated. Dehydrated skin lacks water instead of lacking oil. Water is necessary for our skin to make it look plump and youthful. This is why dehydrated skin often looks flat due to the surface cells being deflated. Another tell for dehydrated skin is a network of tiny, triangular fine lines. Dehydrated skin feels tight, and the complexion looks dull.


How Can I Treat Dry Skin?

There is no permanent fix for dry skin but help your skin by using products that nourish it and improve its appearance. Look for skincare that has botanical oils. They gently peel away rough, flaky texture while hydrating skin and making it feathery-soft. A great way to incorporate hydration into your routine is with our Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum, it is a harmonious blend of antioxidants that work wonders on improving the overall appearance of the skin! It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves your complexion by brightening your skin.


How Can I Treat Dehydrated Skin?

Water is the answer. Drinking two to three liters of water everyday will help maintain your skin’s moisture balance. Likewise, investing in water-rich foods such as lettuces, cucumbers, broccoli, avocado, or watermelon would help too. But sometimes incorporating water or food into your routine is a tad more difficult than investing in a skincare product that does this for you.

You want to look for ingredients that will help restore moisture to your dehydrated skin. My favorite trick when my skin feels dehydrated is to keep a mist at all times with me. My go-to mist is the Hydrating Nutrient Mist from Mad Hippie, it’s filled with an effervescent blend of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and other active essentials! Antioxidant protection that leaves your skin feeling soft, supple & ready to take on the stresses of modern-day life.

Lastly, my biggest tip to give you is to learn about your skincare journey. Take notes, see what your skin has been craving for. Is it hydration? Is it lacking moisture? Are you letting your pores breathe? All these questions are great to keep in mind. The second you understand your skin type is when you’ll be able to truly start your skincare journey in a way where your skin will forever thank you.

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