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Because of dirt, oil, sweat, and product residue in your hair, your scalp can get dirty and full of build-up. Cleaning your scalp every few weeks to remove residue can help reduce itching, dryness, and flakes while promoting healthier hair. There are multiple ways of cleaning your scalp, such as clarifying shampoos, natural scalp treatments and scalp cleansing scrubs. 


The Difference Between Your Scalp and Skin

The most significant difference between your scalp and facial skin is that your scalp has more sebaceous glands (lipid and sweat) than any other part of your body. With that being said, the scalp happens to be located underneath massive amounts of hair. This means it has a greater chance of becoming dirty and damp if not properly taken care of.   

Your scalp has a lower barrier function; this means it’s not very good at maintaining and replenishing hydration compared to the skin found in other places. Unfortunately, the delicate nature of the scalp invites all sorts of skin problems compared to other areas of the body. The scalp is known to be one of the dirtiest parts of the body. We know why now! Many of us have a good skincare regime for our face, so why neglect your scalp?


Deep Cleaning Your Scalp

Everyone just rubs some shampoo, followed by a conditioner, rinses off, and away we go. I get that; I used to be the same. This routine is not necessarily wrong, but you are not doing anything to improve the overall health of your scalp.This routine is excellent for giving your hair a basic clean but won’t provide it with the deep cleaning your scalp needs. By doing this basic hair routine, you are actually adding more product build-up into your hair, resulting in a flakey and itchy scalp; who wants that? Plus, your scalp often gets overlooked in the process too.


Ways to Clean Your Scalp

Comb Your Scalp
Grab a brush and comb your scalp gently. This will help remove the build-up of excess skin and clean up and remove any debris or dandruff. 

Massage Your Scalp
A good scalp massage always feels fantastic, so use your fingers to gently massage your scalp rather than just putting and rubbing your product in. This helps improve blood flow, aid the natural process of hair growth and improve the overall condition of your hair.

Use an Oil Treatment
My go-to oil is the Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil from Ouidad. This Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Oil mimics hair’s natural oils to replenish essential moisture as it removes dirt and build-up. Massage it onto your scalp, leave it on for the required time, and then wash off to reveal a clean scalp and hair. 


Getting Rid of Scalp Build-Up

  • Start by using hair products suitable for your hair type (dry or oily)
  • Give your hair a thorough wash regularly
  • Brush it every day to prevent it from getting tangled
  • Regularly massage your scalp
  • Exfoliate! Use hair scrubs 

When looking after your hair, don’t forget about your scalp. Be aware of your products, and give your hair and scalp what it deserves. Even something as simple as a gentle scalp massage or a quick apple cider vinegar rinse can go a long way! Look after your hair, and you’ll really see the difference.

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